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a man in brookeville who used the electric battery of his nissan leaf automobile to power his household items. we have a demonstration of how it works, but we urge you not to try this one at home. >> this nissan leaf is the only reason dawn shelby still has food in his frig. >> when the storm hit, the car was charged and ready to go. >> a member of the electric vehicle association showed me how to power household items with the smaller battery inside the hood. >> this 12-volt battery is contented to the inverter. >> this makes it possible to use for other energy. >> it has alternating current, which is in every outlet in the house. >> and an extension cord finishes off the rest. >> this is wired through the house to the kitchen here. this is the extension cord coming from the inverter which is connected to the car, the nissan leaf and the refrigerator is plugged in through a meter. now the refrigerator is on, receiving power through the inverter. >> reporter: shelby said it saved him hundreds of dollars in food and more. >> i was able to have a nice hot cup of coffee in the morning all
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1